Faster, Safer, More Effective Response

Computer Aided Dispatch

The Horizon EME Computer Aided Dispatch includes some of the most advanced call taking and dispatching functionality available. Customizable to the needs of each individual agency and specifically designed for deployment in multi-agency and multi jurisdictional environments, the Horizon EME offers open, integrated, wireless-aware, real-time decision support for departments of all sizes.  With a proven track record of effectiveness and reliability, the EME is considered by users to be easy to use, easy to support, and easy to own.


A proven history of dependability in the most demanding and sensitive operational environments

Highly Customizable

All aspects of the system can be user-configured to the specific needs and requirements of each client

Full Multi-Agency and Jurisdiction

Accommodates any number of agencies and jurisdictions simultaneously

Unlimited Scalability

Highest levels of performance regardless of incident volume or number of workstations