Making Sure Your Project Succeeds

According to recent statistics from an industry-leading consulting firm, an average of only 33 percent of IT projects are delivered on time and on budget. A full 44 percent of projects are either late, over budget, and/or deficient in functions. The other 23 percent either fail all together or are cancelled outright due to lack of progress.

IT Projects over schedule, over budget, deficient in functionality, and/or complete failures IT Projects completed on time and on budget, with expected features

Source: The Standish Group Chaos Summary, 2006-2011

Fast, Straightforward, Transparent, Complete

Symposium Technologies has a perfect track record of completing projects on time and on budget, while fully meeting each client’s functional requirements. Choosing Symposium means you can rest assured that your project will be an unqualified success.

Verifiable Performance, Verifiable Results

With clients throughout North America in vital areas such as public safety, defense, and critical infrastructure protection, verification of Symposium’s track record is never further than a friendly phone call away.

And, once you confirm for yourself how much we’ve helped others, we can discuss how Symposium and the Horizon EME can be put to work supporting your needs, your mission, and your vision.