Real-Time Detection and Monitoring

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Symposium has a proven track record of delivering automated monitoring solutions that help security professionals protect sensitive installations and important infrastructure. Customizable, easily integrated with a range of specialized sensors and detection technologies and incorporating detailed site plans, the Horizon EME gives you the ability detect and manage multiple alarm types across any number of buildings or complexes.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection with the Horizon EME
Integration with a Range of Advanced Sensors
Interactive Site Plans for At-A-Glance Alarm Location
Easily Manage False Alarms and Supervisory Signals
Built-In Dispatch, Mobile Data and other Systems Extend Response Capabilities
Proven Track Record of Reliability and Security

The faster the detection, the more control you have. The Horizon EME`s alarm monitoring technology extends the awareness of your personnel, providing better situational intelligence, better response initiative, and greater overall security for the infrastructure your tasked with protecting. Additional capabilities (such as Computer Aided Dispatch and Mobile Data) enable you to manage any required response with optimum safety and effectiveness.

Having deployed systems for a variety of sensitive facilities, we understand the need for security and reliability. We also deliver the very best in terms of implementation, training and support.  This ensures your personnel are able to get up to speed fast, and that your organization makes the very best use of the solutions we provide.

And as technology advances, so will your protective capabilities. With new integrations and powerful functionalities being added regularly, the Horizon EME will stay at the forefront of capability, meaning that the same system that works for you today will continue to work for you in the future. With the best technology, backed by a company with exceptional experience in this very specialized field, you`ll be able to provide better, smarter, and safer protection than ever before.