Protecting the Protectors

Industry Solutions

Public Safety Public Safety

Speed. Reliability. Security. Interoperability. Power. Simplicity. Customization. Symposium’s Horizon EME meets the needs and priorities of public safety organizations of all sizes, from local volunteer fire departments through to multi-jurisdictional PSAPs serving dozens of different agencies. Every aspect of our solutions – from specifications and capabilities through to pricing, deployment and support – are designed to reflect the needs and realities of your unique operating environment.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Critical Infrastructure Protection

Airports, power plants, subways, hydro electric and other infrastructure form the backbone of modern society. The Horizon EME makes the essential mission of protecting these highly sensitive installations easier. With the ability to remotely monitor alarms and alerts across multiple installations, integrate multiple sensor types, and to integrate other force-multiplying capabilities (CAD, mobile data, digital CCTV, etc.), The Horizon EME can greatly enhance the safety and security of the largest and most complex installations.

Military Security Military Security

These sites require specialized, powerful, and highly sophisticated protection. The Horizon EME incorporates the functionality, security, and reliability required to provide comprehensive full-spectrum detection, monitoring and response capabilities.