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With over 20 integrated functionality modules, the Horizon EME delivers dispatch, mobile data, alarm detection and monitoring, AVL, schedule adherence, and many other capabilities.

The Horizon EME integrates with the widest range of technologies such as RMS, GIS, GPS, digital video/CCTV, radio interfaces, report-building applications, smart phones, voice recorders, and many more.

This means unprecedented real-time situational awareness and end-to-end incident management, from detection and response through to resolution, reporting and follow-up.  And as technology and missions change, new capabilities are easily and quickly incorporated.

By providing you with an open and evolving technology framework, obsolescence becomes a thing of the past, and the value of your Horizon EME solution only increase the longer you have it.  Making technology work for you – today, tomorrow, and always.

Symposium’s Horizon Event Management Environment is the most versatile and flexible public safety and security solution available.

How the Horizon EME Transforms Emergency Response


The Horizon EME was built from the ground up to deliver unmatched customizability, with every aspect of the system adaptable to the needs of each individual user, agency, and jurisdiction.


The EME is ideal for multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional response situations because it enables the fullest interoperability between departments while supporting separate response rules, datasets, and operational procedures.


The Horizon EME melds the full range of existing and emerging technologies into one inter-connected framework, providing a single point of access for all your information and technology-based capabilities.

Advanced Mobile-Aware Architecture

Symposium uses the latest technology to deliver the full range of location-based capabilities in a mobile environment, including incident and premise data, mapping, GPS/AVL, and more, across the widest range of mobile platforms.