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Symposium Wiki Knowledge BaseSymposium Wiki Knowledge Base

Symposium provides a host of online learning capabilities, making it easier to collaborate and share information with other clients, receive specialized one-on-one support, and access training specific to the needs and requirements of your agency.

Grants Grants

Symposium systems are eligible under any number of different grant programs, making it even easier to fund your project. Check here to find out about different programs that your organization may qualify for.

Downloads Downloads

White papers, brochures, and other resources that provide more detailed information about how Symposium Technologies and the Horizon EME can help your organization.

EM Live Video Tour EM Live Video Tour

EM Live puts all the crucial data on your mobile device, safely and securely, without the need of an app, helping your personnel respond faster, safer, and more effectively.

EM Mobile Video Tour EM Mobile Video Tour

EM Mobile puts the right information in the right hands at the right time, providing everything from call type and location to vehicle statuses and position, instantaneously, in real time.