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Mobile Device Integration

As wireless technology evolves, smart phones and other mobile devices are playing an ever-greater role in how people communicate and share information. Symposium Technologies is at the forefront of  adapting public safety applications for these devices, providing first responders with the ability to more easily access and update important information in real time, securely and reliably.

NG911 Ready

The Future of Public Safety Technology is Mobile
Mobile Mapping
Medical Alerting
Intelligent Vehicle Systems
Panic Button Systems
Targeted Alerting

NG911 (Next Generation 911) standards are paving the way for access to a whole host of information – text, video, sound, GPS coordinates, and more – directly from citizens and automated sensors. With Symposium, you’ll be pre-positioned to make best use of these new standards and capabilities to deliver safer, faster, and more effective emergency response.

Easier, Smarter, Faster Access

Mobile device integration from Symposium makes it easier to stay in contact with personnel, enabling them to update status, access premise info, plot location, share incident data, and much more, with greater speed and efficiency.

Levelling the Field for Smaller Departments

By making access to first-rate public safety technology easier and more affordable with mobile devices, Symposium is helping smaller departments access the same types of sophisticated wireless capabilities traditionally reserved for larger departments.