Earlier Detection, Better Outcomes

Alarm Monitoring

The Horizon EME Alarm Monitoring solution makes it possible to monitor any given site, installation, facility or complex in real time, using any number of different sensing technologies. This in turn enables you to better detect and respond to alarms before they escalate.

Multi-Sensor Integration

The EME’s open design allows it to interface with the widest range of detection hardware. Heat detectors, glass breaks, infrared trip wires, motion sensors, digital video and more specialized detectors can all be simultaneously integrated, providing the most wide-ranging and versatile incident detection and response capability.

At-a-Glance Alarm Monitoring

The Horizon EME provides map-based alarm monitoring, capable of displaying detailed floor plans, schematics and other visual representations of the area under surveillance, along with position, type, and status of alarm panels and sensors.

Full Two-Way Interactivity

The EME also has the capability to remotely query and control various sensors and devices, providing staff with far greater control. Whether they wish to temporarily shunt a false alarm, query a device to diagnose a potential problem, or enable additional responses (such as live digital CCTV coverage of the area, locking doors, etc.), the EME Alarm Monitoring solution provides simple and powerful access to all remote capabilities, directly from the control room.