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Symposium’s Zetron Interface Shortens the Response Chain

Project Highlights:
CAD and Digital Radio Fully Integrated
Simple, Transparent, and fully Customizable One Click Dispatch and Tone-Out

Making All Your Technology Work Together

One of the strengths Symposium brings to the table is our ability to integrate with systems from virtually any other vendor.

This means two things – First, you’re able to have all your systems working together, instantly sharing information as required to enable the fastest, safest and most effective response. Second, you have the freedom to choose systems based on your needs and your budget.  Never again will you find yourself “locked in” with a vendor, or constrained by having to choose systems based on what they can or will work with.

Integrated CAD and Digital Radio Equals Faster Dispatch

A prime example of this is our integration with Zetron’s digital radio system.  Thanks to this integration, departments are now able to automate tones and cue radio channels directly from the CAD, saving time and simplifying the response workflow.  Here’s how it works:

When a unit is in a dispatchable status, dispatching that unit in the CAD results in the appropriate tones being triggered in the appropriate station via Zetron.  Furthermore, this can automatically open the appropriate COMMS channels  to facilitate communication between dispatcher and crews.

Taken together, this saves precious seconds in the response process while at the same time simplifying the communications workflow.

Multi-Step Process Becomes One Click

One of the departments currently using this interface is Cranston Fire in Rhode Island. Serving a city of 80,000 people and dispatching 6 stations for both Fire and EMS, the tones sound often in Cranston. Assistant Chief Bernard Patenaude has seen a big difference with the interface:  “Now, one click takes the place of what was before a multi-step process.  Not only does this save time and eliminate the possibility of mistakes, it means the dispatcher doesn’t have to break concentration on the tasks at hand by switching between two different systems.  Less links in the chain translate into a faster response.

Options make it Configurable to any Client

Symposium’s Peter Eleftherakis sums up the details: “There’s a lot under the hood that makes this even more effective.  There’s a night mode, meaning you can auto-set tones to sound at halls only during certain times.  Our fully-configurable naming conventions let you translate the Zetron designations into those used by each individual client.  Dispatchers don’t have to do the mental switch anymore, and this saves everyone a lot of headaches.

The Zetron interface is just another example of how we make the jobs of public safety professionals  faster, safer, and more effective.  Whether its pre-fire data in-vehicle or on your phone, incidents generated by remote fire sensors, or one step tone-outs, we have the knowledge, expertise and track record to make all your systems work together. To find out more about our Zetron Interface or other ways  you can put the Symposium advantage to work for your department, please feel free to contact us at info@symposiumtechnologies.com.