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Symposium to Deploy Horizon EME for COMM Fire District of Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Deploy Horizon EME for COMM Fire District of Cape CodSymposium has been awarded the contract to provide an integrated fire dispatch system for the communities of Centerville, Osterville, and Marstons Mills, Massachusetts. Located on Cape Cod, these communities comprise a single Fire District (COMM Fire).

Symposium is very excited about this project.  As Jeff Connors, VP of Sales and Marketing puts it: “COMM Fire is typical of the clients we work with. They are an active department with a relatively high call volume, which up until now simply were not in a position to purchase a full-featured CAD system. No matter what the size of the department, the need is the same.  Our business is such that we can provide them with a complete, sophisticated solution that is easy to use, fully scalable, and delivers the very best that technology has to offer while respecting their budgetary realities.   This is something that no other company out there is able to provide.”

Paul Rhude of COMM Fire is also enthusiastic: “We were very keen to upgrade our capabilities in terms of dispatch and coordination.  We thought the best way to do this was through a technology-based solution that enabled us to better manage and track the whole response process.  That being said, we were hard-pressed to find a system that gave us the capabilities we needed at a price that reflected our budget.  Symposium was really responsive in that regard, and provided us with the exact solution we needed.”

For more information, or for those interested in seeing the system in action, please contact Symposium by emailing us at info@symposiumtechnologies.com.