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Symposium Technologies to Provide Alarm Monitoring Solution for Toronto Transit System

Project Highlights:
Protecting North America’s 3rd Busiest Transit System Seamless Integration with Remote Sensors Enabling Safer, Faster, and More Effective Detection and Response

Symposium Technologies Dispatch Now Live at Guelph Fire DepartmentHelping Protect Canada’s Largest Transit System

Symposium is proud to announce that the Horizon EME dispatch and monitoring solution will be providing alarm monitoring for the Toronto Transit Commission.

Toronto boasts the third most heavily-used transit system in North America, with a yearly ridership of over 500 million. The EME will, in phase one of the project, provide fire alarm monitoring for the TTC’s subway tunnels, 60+ stations, and other critical transit infrastructure.

Updated Protection for the 21st Century

The new system will replace the current DOS-based software with new state-of-the-art capabilities, and switch out the old receivers for new up-to-date models.  It will also greatly expand coverage, including not just the entire underground system, but additional areas as well.

The system will be housed in the TTC’s operations center, and will be integrated with an extensive in-field sensor network designed to  provide real-time remote detection and alerting for heat, smoke, and other fire-related alarms.  The EME will also provide staff with real-time multi-monitor displays that combine sensor information with the maps, floor plans, alarms, and premise information required to enable faster, safer, and more effective response.

Operators will be able to remotely monitor and perform diagnostics on the alarm monitoring hardware, and send commands directly to the signal receivers.  This enables more efficient handling of false alarms, as well as simplifying routine maintenance.

Proven and Reliable, Powerful and Secure

The Horizon EME was chosen based on its ability to fulfill the TTC’s exacting requirements, its ability to seamlessly interface with the required hardware systems, and its proven track record of performance in public safety, military and other sensitive applications.

Electronic Surveillance Corporation – which provides the sophisticated detection hardware for the system – sees the Horizon EME as integral to the project’s success.  As ESC president Gord Duggan put it:

Our receivers collect a lot of information.  What we needed was a software solution that was able to quickly alert the operators, clearly present the required info, and support the correct response.  It needed to be able to incorporate all the related data, as well as being able to handle and present info from an unlimited number of sources, simply and reliably.  We’ve utilized the Symposium system on all sorts of sensitive government contracts in the past, and had complete confidence that the combo of our hardware and their software would be a perfect fit for the client’s needs.  After getting a look at the system themselves, the TTC agreed.

Integrating Fire, Security, Video, Dispatch, and More

As impressive as the current solution is, it’s only phase one of what’s expected to be a multi-stage project.  Going forward, the TTC is considering extending the system to incorporate security alarm monitoring, digital video, computer aided dispatch, schedule adherence and mobile applications – capabilities which are all already built-in to the Horizon EME, and can be fully customized to reflect the client’s unique requirements.

The new TTC system is another example of how we continue to leverage our extensive public safety expertise into delivering critical infrastructure protection solutions for military and civilian agencies.   Unique in the market, Symposium’s systems provide end-to-end incident detection, response and management capabilities, coupled with an open architecture that provides seamless integration with third-party technologies.

Symposium is excited to be helping the TTC provide greater protection to the people of Toronto, and looks forward to working closely with the TTC to ensure a smooth and straightforward implementation


For more information please contact Symposium by emailing us at info@symposiumtechnologies.com.