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Symposium Technologies Teams up with FIREHOUSE Software® at New England Association of Fire Chiefs Conference

Project Highlights:
Symposium and FIREHOUSE
a Big Hit at Conference
Over 200 Exhibitors,
Thousands of Attendees
Workingg Together to
Deliver the Best Value

Representation from Across New England

Thousands of Fire and EMS professionals from all over the Eastern United States were on hand in Springfield Massachusetts recently for New England FIRE/RESCUE/EMS, one of the region’s premier public safety conferences.

Based on the success of our ongoing collaboration and partnership, Symposium Technologies and FIREHOUSE Software® participated jointly, meeting with representatives from many fire departments looking for powerful, fully integrated and affordable emergency management solutions.

The conference – co-hosted with the New England Division of the IAFC, and the New England Fire Apparatus Maintenance Association – featured over 200 exhibitors, a wide range of educational seminars, and an impressive apparatus parade that drew over 100 vehicles from a myriad of departments far and wide.

Building on Increasing Regional Success

The conference was an excellent opportunity for Symposium to increase its exposure in the Northeast, where our recent installations have created a big stir. Not least among those impressed with this work is FIREHOUSE Software®. With over 12,000 installed systems, FIREHOUSE is the premier Fire RMS provider in North America. Says FIREHOUSE representative Peter Eleftherakis, “Symposium has a great system, one that provides an unprecedented level of integration with FIREHOUSE, and adds a lot of value. I wanted them here, so my clients could get a first hand look at the type of synergies that are possible when the best technologies out there come together in one package.”

Better Choice, Better Technology, Better Results

Another important factor that came up with many visitors to the booth was the whole issue of consumer choice. It’s a story Symposium’s Jeff Connors has heard before: “Nowadays interoperability is key, and the big thing people throw our way is that they absolutely need their systems to talk to one another. At the same time they don’t necessarily want to have to go to one vendor for everything because it limits choice, and they can end up getting locked in to a situation where they can’t change one thing without changing everything. By designing our system to be so open, we can work with an unlimited range of other vendor solutions, and integrate so tightly as to provide a superior level of capability. Bottom line, clients get the best of both worlds – full integration, full choice, and no headaches.” After all, it’s about making the technology work for you, not vice-versa.

For more information, or for those interested in seeing the system in action, please contact Symposium by emailing us at info@symposiumtechnologies.com.