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Symposium Technologies Provide Integrated CAD and RMS to Barrie Fire and Surrounding Departments

Project Highlights:
Busy Command Center
Serving Over 250k Population
Advanced Map-Based CAD,
with Expansion to GPS and Mobile Planned
Integration with

Enabling Emergency Dispatch to a Major Regional Department

Symposium Technologies is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by Barrie Fire and Emergency Services to provide an integrated CAD system for the City and surrounding seven rural departments, serving a total population of approximately 250,000, dispatching approximately 100 units from 20 stations throughout the region.

Advanced capabilities such as GPS-based vehicle tracking (using the City’s existing Motorola radio infrastructure) and a web-based dispatch monitoring component are also included in the overall scope of the project. The system also features an extremely tight integration between the Symposium CAD and the Firehouse Record Management System – something which was very important to the client.

Barrie Personnel Very Satisfied with Results

“We are extremely pleased with our choice”, says Sue Dawson, Manager of Communications for Barrie Fire and Emergency Services. “Symposium provided not only the best technology, but the best overall solution in terms of implementation services and support. Their responsiveness and can-do attitude have resulted in the project moving ahead at a pace well-in-keeping with the time frame that was initially set; Symposium promised to deliver, and are delivering exactly what they promised, and then some.”

Another advantage was the flexibility of the system, which has the capability to grow as the city and region grow, and can adapt to meet their changing needs. Larry Bacik, Director of Information & Communications Technology for the City of Barrie, puts it this way: “It’s extremely important for us as a progressive municipality to be looking towards the future in all areas of our operations. When we went about making our decision for the CAD system, it was important to the department that the system be able to seamlessly integrate into our existing installed base of technologies, and that it be capable of anticipating and accommodating advances in both technology in general, and the city’s needs in particular. We needed a fully functional and reliable application that would provide the residents of Barrie and the greater Barrie area the responsiveness and information needed in time of crisis. The Symposium system fit the need, and is sufficiently versatile that we are actively exploring areas in other departments where we can deploy the same system, giving us one ‘Event Management’ software infrastructure that can be corporately shared.”

For more information, or for those interested in seeing the system in action, please contact Symposium by emailing us at info@symposiumtechnologies.com.