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Symposium Technologies Deploys Powerful New Mobile Data System

Project Highlights:
Real Time Access to
All Incident Information
Fully Integrated with
RMS and other Systems

Symposium Technologies Deploys Powerful New Mobile Data SystemDelivering Mobile Access to All Crucial Response Data in Real Time

Symposium Technologies is proud to announce the introduction and deployment of the EME Mobile –a fully integrated mobile solution that puts all the information sharing capabilities of the Horizon EME CAD into the hands of responding personnel. The system – while fully customizable to meet the needs of any client – incorporates a number of features and capabilities that are of specific use to Fire and EMS agencies – services traditionally less well-served by mobile data than police. The system has undergone extensive field-testing, and is now deployed operationally with COMM Fire and EMS District of Massachusetts.

Delivering Critical Information, Where and When It’s Needed Most

The EME Mobile incorporates a map-based interface that enables responding personnel to see both the address and location of the incident as well as other nearby features that might be important, such as open and closed hydrants, locations of interest, road closures, and active burn permits, among others.

Responding personnel can update their status and record benchmarks in real time using a quick and easy touch-screen interface, thereby notifying dispatchers as to the changing situation and recording important response and incident times in the CAD’s audit trail. Another powerful feature of the EME Mobile is its ability to query the client’s RMS system directly in much the same way as the Horizon EME CAD, providing access to important premise information such as premise contacts, HAZMAT, and building diagrams.

Delivering Full Two-Way Integration with CAD, RMS, Mapping, GPS/AVL, and More

Symposium’s Jeff Connors provides further details: “The power of this feature is even greater when you consider that the RMS systems being queried are provided by third-party partners. And, just like with the Horizon EME CAD, the interface between the mobile and the RMS is two-way – any appropriate information updated in the mobile such as status, time on scene and so forth, is transferred directly to the RMS. To our knowledge, there’s no other system available that can provide this level of integration between CAD and third-party RMS systems, and taking the capability mobile just brings it to a whole new level.”

Another powerful feature is GPS-based AVL, which enables in-field personnel to track the position of other responding vehicles in real time while also providing them with a snapshot of their own location – something that can be very valuable if they are responding in an unfamiliar area or need to know who’s first on scene.

The EME Mobile retains all the flexibility of the Horizon EME CAD, enabling clients to fully customize the system to reflect their specific needs, requirements, workflows, and operating procedures, resulting in a solution that fits the unique needs of each department. The system also works with a diverse range of GPS gateways and wireless networks, providing clients with the widest variety of options for implementation.

Client Departments are Delighted with the Results

According to Janice Gannon, COMM’s IT Manager, “The new mobile data system works incredibly well and gives us a tremendous new capability in terms of getting the right information to first responders, quickly and accurately. Instead of having to grab a trip ticket, all the information they need is right there, in the truck. The feedback from the frontline has been nothing but enthusiastic, and it’s really positioned COMM as a leader in the region in terms of advanced technology.”

Based on the experience of COMM Fire, Symposium President Robert Day expects more public safety clients to adopt the EME Mobile over the coming year: “We already have firm orders, and many more have enquired about proceeding with implementation during the next budget cycle. What we’re being told is that this capability has been something fire departments have been looking for, and we’re the first company to market with such a comprehensive solution. This is definitely a source of pride for our whole team, and a demonstration of how as a company we continue to innovate in making technology work better for our clients.”

For more information, or for those interested in seeing the system in action, please contact Symposium by emailing us at info@symposiumtechnologies.com.