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Symposium Technologies’ Alarm Monitoring Solution Operational at Canadian Air Command

Project Highlights:
Operational Command Center
for Canadian Air Forces
Advanced Map-Based Alarm
Detection and Response
Implemented On Time
and On Budget

Symposium Technologies’ Alarm Monitoring Solution Operational at Canadian Air CommandFrom Search and Rescue to Continental Defense

From its headquarters in Winnipeg, Air Command provides operational direction for the 13 wings and 30 squadrons of the Canadian Air Force, and is responsible for overseeing the Canadian component of NORAD and all associated infrastructure.

The new system uses an interactive multi-display interface that combines maps, floor plans, alarm and premise information to instantly provide crucial real-time intelligence about potential threats. The system also enables personnel to remotely monitor the alarm detection devices themselves, and perform required diagnostics and testing. As a result, Canadian Forces personnel are able to protect Air Command’s highly-sensitive installations with far greater effectiveness, while reducing maintenance and streamlining troubleshooting.

Powerful AND Easy to Use – The Best of Both Worlds

The alarm monitoring software from Symposium is an integral part of a comprehensive detection system developed in tandem with Electronic Surveillance Corporation and Siemens Canada, based on Air Command’s specific requirements. According to Gordon Duggan, President of ESC, Symposium’s alarm monitoring solutions are ideal for military applications, due to their advanced functionality, high reliability, and ease of installation: “With Symposium, we end up with the best of both worlds – a secure system that puts the client light years ahead in terms of what they’re able to do, and is easy to interface with different detection equipment from a variety of different sources.”

Easily Expandable

Going forward the system has lots of room to add more capability, in that it easily integrates with digital video/CCTV, mobile data, GPS, and other advanced technologies. The system can even enhance mutual aid by automatically forwarding alarm information to the command centers of Winnipeg’s municipal fire and police, without requiring modification to existing systems in place with either department.

For more information, or for those interested in seeing the system in action, please contact Symposium by emailing us at info@symposiumtechnologies.com.