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Symposium Teams Up with Point to Point Communications to Deliver GPS and Location-Based Services Using ASP Model

Project Highlights:
Working with 3rd-Party Vendors
to Deliver Even Better Value
Utilzing Widely-Deployed
 Motorola Networks
Expanding the Scope
of ASP Technology

Teams Up with Point to Point Communications to Deliver GPS and Location-Based Services Using ASP ModelDelivering More Powerful Location-Based Services

Symposium Technologies is pleased to announce an agreement with Point to Point Communications to provide centralized GPS/AVL, Mobile Data, Dispatch and other location-based services for their diverse portfolio of public and private sector clients.

Point to Point Communications has been recognized by Motorola as one of its largest systems dealers, and services clients in a wide range of fields such as trucking, utilities, concrete, public safety, transit, public works, and many others. More and more over the last several years, clients have been asking for software systems that will help them track mobile assets, enable real time data sharing between head office and the field, and provide customized dispatch, scheduling and other applications that will reflect their needs and enhance their effectiveness.

Making GPS, AVL and Dispatch More Useful for Business and Government

Point to Point for its part, has been actively evaluating different systems that could be used in an “ASP” or “Application Service Provider” Model, wherein the software applications and computer infrastructure are housed centrally with the provider, who is responsible for all service, administration and support.

Clients in turn connect to the application over a network via their own private account and receive all benefits for a monthly or yearly fee. The advantage is that clients get access to powerful software applications while avoiding the overhead involved in up-front license fees and service contracts, as well as avoiding the need to deal with such issues as system administration and hardware.

While the ASP model has held out a lot of promise as a way to help businesses and agencies put powerful new technologies to work for them, until now the applications that were available were either highly specialized, or very generic. As a result they couldn’t reflect the actual mission and requirements of business and government clients to the degree necessary to make them useful beyond a small range of potential users.

Symposium’s Technology and Track Record Made Us the Best Fit

As Ken Micks, co-owner of Pont to Point put it, “None of the systems we looked at were flexible enough for the job. With Symposium, it was the opposite – it runs over our networks, can be easily customized to the specific needs of each client, and offers the centralized architecture we need to provide one-stop service, support, and administration.”

“We’re very excited about the whole project” says Robert Day, President of Symposium Technologies. “We’ve had the ability to provide this type of service from the beginning, and based on our success with Point to Point, we expect to begin offering the ASP model to a number of clients and partners who’ve expressed a strong interest.”

Point to Point’s clients also seem very keen about the new service, with the first client already moved over and several more in trials, the feedback to date has been excellent. “The future of our business is value-added” Ken went on to say, “and our agreement with Symposium is a major step to ensure we meet client’s evolving needs, providing the highest value at the lowest cost”.

For more information, or for those interested in seeing the system in action, please contact Symposium by emailing us at info@symposiumtechnologies.com.