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Horizon EME to Provide Map-Based Alarm Monitoring for CFB Petawawa

Project Highlights:
Major Central Canadian
Army Base
Real-Time Facility Management
and Alarm Detection
A Major Leap Forward in
Capability and Ease of Use

Horizon EME to Provide Map-Based Alarm Monitoring for CFB PetawawaMajor Facilities Require Major Protection

Canadian Forces Base Petawawa is a sprawling military complex located in central Ontario, and is home to the 2nd Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, comprised of over 10,000 soldiers and family members. Elements of the Brigade Group are routinely deployed overseas to such places as the Balkans, Afghanistan and Haiti, as part of Canada’s commitment to peacekeeping throughout the world.

Protecting such a sensitive installation is of key importance to Canada’s defense, and Symposium is proud to be providing Petawawa with a comprehensive map-based alarm monitoring software system to help secure the safety of the base and its personnel.

The Full Spectrum of Alarm Information and Situational Intelligence

The system – installed and operational in record time – interfaces with fire alarm panels and receivers from ESC, and provides dispatchers with a real-time monitoring capability for each of the base’s 200-plus structures. Using remote on-site fire detection sensors, the system notifies users of the type of alarm, and displays it’s location on the map. The system also brings up detailed schematics of the building in question, providing dispatchers and responding personnel with important information about how best to take action.

The system also offers a full range of highly advanced alarm monitoring functionalities that enable users full and detailed control over all aspects of the system hardware directly from the dispatch center, thereby helping minimize false alarms and facilitate maintenance of in-field equipment.

Fast and Thorough Installation, Enthusiastic Feedback

The new system has already gained a number of kudos from those involved in the project. According to Gordon Duggan, ESC’s project manager, response has been very enthusiastic: “The new system is far beyond what they are used to, both in terms of capability and ease of use. And working with Symposium was excellent – they provided us with everything we needed to set the system up and train the personnel, quickly and efficiently.”

For its part, Symposium sees remote monitoring as an ever-more powerful tool for clients. As company President Robert Day puts it, “Alarm and other remote monitoring technology can notify responders of potentially dangerous situations, without requiring someone nearby to notice that something’s wrong and phone it in. This means that agencies can respond to events more quickly, safely, and effectively.”

The system is also highly scalable, enabling Petawawa to incorporate many more advanced functionalities, ranging from interfaces with other types of sensors (infrared, motion sensors, glass breaks, etc), digital video, web-based monitoring, GPS/mobile data, and much more. The result is the ability to deliver un-matched situational intelligence – what we call getting the right information in the right hands, at the right time.

For more information, or for those interested in seeing the system in action, please contact Symposium by emailing us at info@symposiumtechnologies.com.