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Barrie Fire First in Canada to go Live with New Generation Mobile Data Solution

Project Highlights:
Mobile Data Systems installed In 10 Front-Line Units Real-Time Full Integration with GPS, CAD and RMS Integration with GIS and Aerial Imagery On Time and On Budget

Barrie Fire First in Canada to go Live with New Generation Mobile Data SolutionFully Integrated System Delivers Dramatic New Response Capabilities

Symposium’s EM Mobile data solution has been taking the US by storm, and all the while departments north of the border have been watching and planning how to move forward with their own implementations. Now Barrie Fire and Emergency Services has become the first of Symposium’s Canadian clients to go live with the EM Mobile, providing the department with what may very well be the most advanced mobile data capability of any emergency service provider in the country.

Changing How Computers are Used in Public Safety

Now when they respond to a call, Barrie personnel man trucks featuring rugged touch screen displays that provide the address, the type of event and the map-based physical location, along with all information stored in both the Symposium CAD and FIREHOUSE® RMS such as dispatcher’s incident notes, premise info, materials stored on site, contact persons, and a host of other critical intelligence. The system is fully interactive, and personnel mark their own status changes and benchmarks directly from the vehicle, as well as enter event notes at the scene. Because all information is in real time and all the systems are fully integrated, anything entered in the CAD, RMS or mobile data is instantly populated to the other systems as appropriate.

Using integrated GPS/AVL, the EM Mobile shows Barrie dispatchers and responding units the location, speed and direction of all vehicles in play. The system incorporates subtle yet highly useful tools such as a night vision mode and a map that changes orientation based on the direction the vehicle is moving. Going forward, the EM Mobile’s integration with the Pictometry® imaging system gives Barrie Fire the option to incorporate oblique visual photos of all premises within the city, giving personnel a more realistic view of the premise they’re responding to.

Intelligent Tools for the 21st Century Department

Modern public safety agencies need intelligent applications that are built to mirror and anticipate their needs, and like other Symposium applications the EM Mobile combines the full range of 21st-century technologies in a package optimized to make emergency response faster, safer, and more effective. Barrie is only the first of several Canadian departments planning to go live with the EM Mobile Data, and we are excited about being able to help clients introduce such a powerful new tool to the public safety arsenal. As Sue Dawson – Barrie Fire’s Manager of Communications puts it,  “Responders know far more about what they’re getting into before they arrive on scene, and that translates into greater safety and effectiveness.”

For more information, or for those interested in seeing the system in action, please contact Symposium by emailing us at info@symposiumtechnologies.com.